I can’t wait to skate!

South Sea Skate School is a 6 week LEARN TO SKATE program, open to all genders*, that focuses on roller derby skills for aspiring players and refs. Training runs twice a week and includes loads of essential skills like stopping and falling.

South Sea Skate School is starting Sunday May 23rd 2021 & enrolment is NOW OPEN! Read on for more details and shoot us an email at if you have any questions.

  • South Sea Skate School is suitable for absolute beginners and those who can skate but have little or no derby experience. Ideally you will be able to propel yourself around the rink without holding onto the rail but previous experience is not necessary.
  • *We welcome all genders to join however as a member of the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association), all South Sea Roller Derby players are compliant with the WFTDA gender statement.
  • Training is 7.15pm to 9.15pm Thursdays and 5pm to 7pm Sundays at Sk8house in Carrum Downs.
  • The total cost for the 6-week (12 session) Skate School programme is just $105 for aspiring players (which is less than $9 per session) and JUST $20 for referees!  The $20 that you pay for the first session is all that you pay to South Sea Roller Derby for the 6 weeks training with 2 sessions per week. To continue beyond the first session you will also need to pay for mandatory Skate Victoria membership (valid until end of Dec 2021). Currently, the cost for this is $85 for a Senior Development membership & FREE for referees.
  • You need to wear a helmet, mouthguard, elbow pads, wrist guards and kneepads to train. No gear? No problem – purchase your own mouthguard and you can borrow the rest from our kit.
  • Rental skates are available from the rink for $4 per session.

At the conclusion of the 6 week Skate School you move to monthly membership, currently $65 a month for skaters and $10 a month for referees.

From Freshies you can test for Red, join the Ref Development stream or continue training as a Freshie. Training progresses from Red (no contact) to Amber (modified contact) to Green (full contact) but don’t feel you have to move up the levels quickly or go all the way – train at the pace and level that works for you.

If you’re not ready to commit – no worries – you can give the first Skate School session a go for only $20. Sign the waiver, enjoy 2 hours of sweaty skate goodness and decide if you’d like to continue (although we’re sure you’ll fall in love with the eight wheel life like we have!)

If you’d like a derby taster before coming along to Skate School – look out for our This Girl Can LET’S SKATE events held at Sk8house with coaches from Roller Derby, Speed & Figure skating all on hand to entice you onto skates.

We also understand that life can get busy and not everyone can commit to multiple training sessions per week. This is why we offer a casual training scheme which allows you to attend training when life allows.

Bookings are OPEN NOW – CLICK HERE to sign up!

Checkout the junior league we run in conjunction with East Vic Roller Derby and we’ll see you in a year (or more!)

I don’t want to skate!

You don’t have to be on skates to join our family. We are always on the lookout for Non Skating Officials (NSOs), Bench Staff and Volunteers.

Non Skating Officials are trackside Sundays to facilitate gameplay. Roles range from timing in the penalty box, keeping score and everything in-between. It’s the closest you can get to the action without being on wheels!

Bench Staff are there to keep their team organised and motivated during the games. They decide who goes on the track and adjust the team’s strategy during the bout. If you love sports strategy, have an understanding of gameplay and know exactly what the team needs to do to win – consider becoming a benchie!

Volunteers do all the things that help our bouts run smoothly. From selling merch to greeting fans at the door, volunteers are much loved members of the league.

If an off skates role seems right for you please email and let us know.

Do I have what it takes?

You sure do!

I’ve finally found my thing!

I first saw an invitation to come and try Roller Derby as part of the This Girl Can Vic event 30 minutes before it was due to start. You didn’t need any gear (they would supply everything) you just had to turn up. My initial reaction was excitement & fear and I realised then it was something I wanted to try even though I knew nothing about the sport, other than it was played on roller skates.

All the reasons why I couldn’t or shouldn’t came up for me. “I’m too old. I haven’t skated since I was a kid. I know nothing about it. I have no one to go with. I have kids who need me. I’m too busy. What if I fall and hurt myself or worse, embarrass myself?” On and on went the excuses.

But the tiny feelings of nervous excitement and curiosity wouldn’t go away and the fear of missing out was strong so before I had time to talk myself out of it, I got up and went. Just as well too because it turns out THIS GIRL CAN.

Trying Roller Derby was the best decision I’ve made for my mental and physical health in a long time.

It doesn’t matter if you can skate or not because the training caters for all skill levels and you can take as long as you need to move to the next stage. I’ve learned so much and made some great new friends. It’s been a life changing experience and it feels great to put myself and my health first for a change and to have something fun to do that’s just for me. I’ve finally found my thing!

So, if ANY part of you thinks you could do it you owe it to yourself to give it a go, or you’ll never know. And if you see me on the track, come and say hi!
Freshie 2019