There is nothing like watching roller derby live!

The thrills and spills, the strategy and athleticism, the atmosphere is electric! Watching a game is great fun for the whole family – and makes a unique first date impression!

From friendly home games to multi day tournaments – we love playing roller derby.

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, our next event (GAME DAY on April 18th 2021) is for an audience of SSRD member’s family & friends only. Tickets are now available from our SHOP page but you will need the password from a current SSRD member to be able to purchase them.

We are looking forward to hosting an event that is open to the general public very soon! Please join our mailist list (via the nifty little subscribe box in the footer of this page) to be kept up-to-date with all SSRD news & events.

Meanwhile – here are a couple of our favourite games for you to binge watch: